Sunday, January 15, 2017

Monday Making

My week is going to be GOOD.
VERY good.

The reason?
I'm going to continue to play with my scraps.

Last week....
I thought I'd be working on this baby quilt.
But...... One thing led to another....

And THIS happened.

After sewing strips and squares...
I began to play.

"How should they be ARRANGED?" I wondered.

Right now they look like this.

I will let them marinate tonight
and see what I think tomorrow.

I've said it before...
I'll say it again....
Scraps are my FAVORITE kind of fabric!!!!

This quilt also contains lots of old shirts and sheets.
Cotton fabric is found in SO many places.

what are YOU making this week???

Thank you for all your sweet comments last week.
I'm home with baby and all's well.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Monday Making

It's time for a Monday Making party!!

I spent the weekend away UNEXPECTEDLY with our foster baby
in the hospital.
I realized tonight that this party needed to HAPPEN!
Almost lost track of the days!

We're both home now.

Thankful for the friends and family that came alongside me
and made the weekend a LOT less stressful than it could have been.

Husband was out of that made it kind of tricky.

I was also thankful that I had accidentally left
toothbrush and paste in my knitting bag after a dentist appointment.
What a WONDERFUL feeling to find it after 
an emergency trip to hospital ended in a weekend stay!
The only reason the knitting bag ended up with me...
was that I was knitting when the emergency happened!!!

Another simple...but BIG thanks...
was that paramedics wrapped the baby in an afghan as we took off!
I LOVED having something comfy to sleep with at night!

This is on my floor at home.
I hope to get some sanity this week as I sew!!!
What are YOU making this week???

Friday, January 6, 2017

Baby Quilt

Baby quilts are SO much fun to make.
I love the colors, the fabrics 
the SIZE!!

The colors in this quilt are soft.
There were some fabrics that DIDN'T make the CUT.
Fabrics I thought would blend in.....
but they SHOUTED from their spot....
I took them OUT.

The yellows are a bit BRIGHT and noisy......
but they're singing ALL ABOUT a sunshiny day
and that's a GOOD thing!

I'm so glad I slowed down enough to realize
this quilt needed to be SOFT and SWEET.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Monday Making

I am so HAPPY to report that 2017 is beginning with a QUILT!

Squares are 3".
ALL from my stash.
There are some oldies but goodies in here.
Scrap quilts will always have my HEART.

This quilt is for an upcoming baby shower.
I plan to quilt and then TRIM the edges straight.
THAT way I won't have to worry about Bias edges.
Bias edges are very finicky!!

What are YOU making this first week of the NEW year??

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Monday Making

Merry Christmas to all my friends in blogland!
The quiet room here was only quiet for a little bit this morning.
It was soon FULL of FAMILY, laughter and FUN!!!

After my BIG day today....

I am READY to sit and stitch for a bit.

This spike stitch crochet afghan is ALMOST big enough.
And... you ask.....
How big IS big enough???

That's the million dollar question.
I've finally settled on twin size.

I love all that beautiful color!!!

What are YOU making this week???

At this point you have a WHOLE year to make your Christmas gifts!!!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Monday Making

It's time for a Monday Making party again!
Time has a way of  RACING when I want it to slow down.

I have a busy week with some kids in town.....
and lots of Christmas preparations STILL to be accomplished.
Thank goodness for amazon.

I can only DREAM about sewing this week.
I'll be doing a fair amount of cooking
While I sit and visit I'll probably be knitting.

Here's a block I made a while back
using Crazy Mom's pattern.

I love this Christmas tree!

And....... HERE's a precious girl!
ONE year old this week!!

Grandma is kinda proud.

Link up and share about what YOU're making this week!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Friday Finish

Today I'm sharing with you this Friday finish!!

A little dress for my almost ONE year old

The fabric is a nice piece of vintage cotton that I LOVE....

and the pattern is also an OLDIE but goodie!

I don't make many clothing items...
JUST simple ones like this.

Quilting comes much more naturally to me!

I like the IDEA of making clothes..
but more often than not....
I'm disappointed with the outcome!

I also had some success in the kitchen this week.
Two "new to me" recipes.

The first is a Navajo taco.
I have great memories of traveling through Arizona
and stopping for this regional dish!

I found an excellent Youtube video on how to make the fry bread

I wouldn't call it healthy eating...
but it SURE WAS good!!!
Everyone enjoyed dinner!!!

I also got SUCKED into making these
after seeing a post on instagram.

DO you find yourself cooking new things
after seeing them on instagram or other
social network type places???

These cookies are ...I think....
the BEST I've ever eaten.

They begin with browning butter in a saucepan
and letting it cool before getting all the ingredients together.

THAT is the secret to GREAT cookies, I guess!

There you go.
A little sewing
and some NOT-so-healthy eating!!!